How We Operate

Solid Waste Services is a locally owned family solid waste and recycling company operating in Mendocino County for the past 40 years. We are a fully integrated collection company offering residential, commercial and industrial solid waste collection, recycling collection & processing, green waste collection & processing, solid waste transfer services and state certified “buy-back” recycling centers. Our state certified solid waste transfer stations accept for disposal or recycling, used motor oil, batteries, tires, electronic waste and appliances.

We have been the leader in Mendocino County in providing waste and recycling services and will continue to support new innovation and technology advancements in meeting the environmental challenges facing the communities we serve.

In order to assist the communities we serve Solid Waste Services will constantly seek new approaches and remain progressive to increase waste diversion, process recyclable materials and to continue to find different methods for its collections and ultimate disposal.


The Company

Solid Wastes of Willits, Inc. is a closely held California Corporation incorporated on January 3, 1986 after being spun-off from Solid Wastes Systems, Inc.  The Company’s business activities include collection, transfer, transportation, disposal and recycling of garbage, refuse and rubbish from within the City of Willits (Willits Division), and the unincorporated area surrounding Willits, including the communities of Brooktrails, Laytonville, Leggett, Covelo, Anderson Valley, Gualala, Manchester and Elk (County Division). It also operates five state certified recycling centers, a permitted compost operation in Ukiah, wood waste collection and disposal in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, a large volume waste transfer station in Willits and three small volume solid waste transfer stations in Covelo, Laytonville, and Westport, California. While the Corporation is a single legal entity it operates under various DBA’s.

Solid Wastes Systems, Inc. (SWSI) was incorporated in December 1969 and began operations with a franchise agreement with the City of Ukiah that began in January 1970. SWSI was a family held California Corporation where the principals were Phillip and Sandra Ward, husband and wife (60% ownership) and their 5 children (40% ownership). Under the direction of the family members, SWSI expanded into the unincorporated area surrounding the City of Ukiah for refuse collection services. In 1975, SWSI purchased the Willits Franchise from a small local hauler, including the unincorporated area surrounding Willits. At this time SWSI operated under three divisions, City of Ukiah, City of Willits, and the unincorporated areas surrounding Ukiah, and Willits.

Today, after 40 years the Company has grown to cover the entire north and southwest part of Mendocino County; it’s large volume commercial transfer station receives waste from the same area and holds five franchise agreements and operates four transfer/recycling centers, and a compost facility in Ukiah.

During its 40 years of history, Solid Wastes Systems, Inc., Solid Wastes of Willits Inc., Wardway Enterprises, Inc. and Waste Enterprises, Inc. were the first waste company in Mendocino County to start cardboard collection and baling operations in the early 1970’s, the first to provide drop-off recycling services for glass and aluminum cans in the early 1980’s, the first in Mendocino County to provide curbside recycling services in Willits using color-coded baskets, and the first north of the Bay Area to implement and provide plastic wheeled carts for single-stream recycling. The progressive nature of the companies has allowed the City of Willits to meet its 50% diversion goal in the year 2000 under AB939.


Mission Statement

Solid Wastes of Willits, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality and cost effective collection, transfer, transportation, disposal and recycling of garbage, refuse and rubbish to our communities located in Mendocino County. The Company will carry out the mission efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner, with the highest regard for customer satisfaction, and safety to our employees. The Company will cooperate and promote a spirit of partnership with the communities and enterprises we serve.